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brig Elizabeth Jane
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Brig Elizabeth Jane - launched Nova Scotia 1817 - Lost July 1854 off the coast of Yorkshire - Found Robin Hood's Bay, July 2003

Ship Registration Act 3 & 4 GULIELMI IV REGIS CAP. L.V.

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3°& 4° GULIELMI IV. Cap.55.
[when and where built, or, if prize or forfeited, Capture and Con-demnation as such'], and that I the said A. B. [and the other Owners Names and Occupations, if any, and where they respectively reside, videlicet, Town, Place, or Parish, and County, or if Member of and resident in any Factory in Foreign Parts, or in any Foreign Town or City, being an Agent for or Partner in any House or Copartner-ship actually carrying on Trade in Great Britain or Ireland, the Name of such Factory, Foreign Town, or City, and the Names of such House or Copartnership] am [or are] sole Owner [or Owners] of the said Vessel, and that no other Person or Persons whatever hath or have any Right, Title, Interest, Share, or Property therein or thereto ; and that I the said A. B. [and the said other Owners, if any] am [or are] truly and bondfide a Subject [or Subjects] of Great Britain; and that I the said A. B. have not [nor have any of the other Owners, to the best of my Knowledge and Belief] taken the Oath of Allegiance to any Foreign State whatever [except under the Terms of some Capitulation, describing the Particulars thereof], or that since my taking [or his or their taking] the Oath of Allegiance to [naming the Foreign States respectively to which he or any of the said Owners shall have taken the same] I have [or he or they hath or have] become a Denizen [or Denizens, or naturalized Subject or Subjects, as the Case may be] of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland by His Majesty's Letters Patent or by an Act of Parliament [naming the Times when such Letters of Denization have been granted respectively, or the Year or Years in which such Act or Acts for Naturalization have passed respectively]; and that no Foreigner, directly or indirectly, hath any Share or Part Interest in the said Ship or Vessel.'
Provided always, that if it shall become necessary to register any Ship or Vessel belonging to any Corporate Body in the United Kingdom, the following Declaration, in lieu of the Declaration hereinbefore directed, shall be taken and subscribed by the Secretary or other proper Officer of such Corporate Body; (that is to say,)
' I A.B. Secretary or Officer of [Name of Company or Corporation]
'do truly declare, That the Ship or Vessel [Name'] of [Port]
' whereof [Master's Name'] is at present Master, being [Kind of 'Built, Burthen, et ccetera, as described in the 'Certificate of the ' surveying Officer], was [when and where built, or, if prize or forfeited, ' Capture and 'Condemnation as such], and that the same doth wholly ' and truly belong to [Name of Company or 'Corporation].'
XIV. And be it further enacted, That in case the required Number of joint Owners or Proprietors of any Ship or Vessel shall not personally attend to make and subscribe the Declaration herein-before directed to be made and subscribed, then and in such Case such Owner or Owners, Proprietor or Proprietors, as shall personally attend and make and subscribe the Declaration aforesaid, shall further declare that the Part Owner or Part Owners of such Ship or Vessel then absent is or are not resident within Twenty Miles of such Port or Place, and hath or have not, to the best of his or their Knowledge or Belief, wilfully absented himself or themselves in order to avoid the
Addition to Declaration in case the required Number of Owners do not attend.