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brig Elizabeth Jane
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Brig Elizabeth Jane - launched Nova Scotia 1817 - Lost July 1854 off the coast of Yorkshire - Found Robin Hood's Bay, July 2003

Ship Registration Act 3 & 4 GULIELMI IV REGIS CAP. L.V.

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Page 16
3°& 4° GULIELMI IV. Cap.55.
hereby authorized and required to grant), and also a true and exact Account in Writing of all the Particulars contained in the Certificate herein-before set forth, to be made and subscribed by One or more skilful Person or Persons to be appointed by the Court then and there to survey such Ship or Vessel, and shall also make and subscribe a Declaration before the Collector and Controller that such Ship or Vessel is the same Vessel which is mentioned in the Certificate of the Judge aforesaid.
XXX. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That no Ship or Vessel which shall be taken and condemned as Prize or Forfeiture as aforesaid shall be registered in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, or Man, although belonging to His Majesty's Subjects residing in those Islands, or in some one or other of them ; but the same shall be registered either at Southampton, Weymoutli, Exeter, Plymouth, Falmouth, Liverpool, or Whitehaven, by the Collector and Controller at such Ports respectively, who are hereby authorized and required to register such Ship or Vessel, and to grant a Certificate thereof in the Form and under the Regulations and Restrictions in this Act contained.
Prize Vessels
not to be
registered at
Jersey, or
Man; but at
certain Ports.

Transfers of
Interest to be
made by Bill
of Sale;

Certificate of

Bill of Sale
not void by
Error of
"Recital, &c.

XXXI. And be it further enacted, That when and so often as the Property in any Ship or Vessel, or any Part thereof, belonging to any of His Majesty's Subjects, shall, after Registry thereof, be sold to any other or others of His Majesty's Subjects, the same shall be transferred by Bill of Sale or other Instrument in Writing, containing a Recital of the Certificate of Registry of such Ship or Vessel, or the principal Contents thereof, otherwise such Transfer shall not be valid or effec-tual for any Purpose whatever, either in Law or in Equity: Provided always, that no Bill of Sale shall be deemed void by reason of any Error in such Recital, or by the Recital of any former Certificate of Registry instead of the existing Certificate, provided the Identity of the Ship or Vessel intended in the Recital be effectually proved thereby.
XXXII. And be it further enacted, That the Property in every Ship or Vessel of which there are more than One Owner shall be taken and considered to be divided into Sixty-four equal Parts or Shares, and the Proportion held by each Owner shall be described in the Registry as being a certain Number of Sixty-fourth Parts or Shares; and that no Person shall be entitled to be registered as an Owner of any Ship or Vessel in respect of any Proportion of such Ship or Vessel which shall not be an integral Sixty-fourth Part or Share of the same; and upon the first Registry of any Ship or Vessel the Owner or Owners who shall take and subscribe the Declaration required by this Act before Registry be made shall also declare the Number of such Parts or Shares then held by each Owner, and the same shall be so registered accordingly: Provided always, that if it shall at any Time happen that the Property of any Owner or Owners in any Ship or Vessel cannot be reduced by Division into any Number of integral Sixty-fourth Parts or Shares, it shall and may be lawful for the Owner or Owners of such fractional Parts as shall be over and above such Number of integral Sixty-fourth Parts or Shares into which such Property in any Ship or Vessel can be reduced by Division to transfer
Property in
Ships to be
divided into
Parts or

upon first
Registry to
state the
Number of
such Shares
held By each

Smaller Por-
tions may be