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Brig Elizabeth Jane - launched Nova Scotia 1817 - Lost July 1854 off the coast of Yorkshire - Found Robin Hood's Bay, July 2003

Collina - Colina

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In 1840 Enos Page and William Read are in business together. In 1841 Read's brig the Colina is lost and an insurance claim made. In 1844 Read was accused that he did 'incite and procure one William Simpson, feloniously and maliciously to cast away and destroy a certain vessel called the 'Colina', on the high sea...' It would appear that both the court and the Nautical Magazine spelled the name Colina incorrectly in its account of Simpson and Read's trial.

Hugh Moffat, in Ships and Shipyards of Ipswich, uses the 2 L spelling when quoting Ipswich sources (Ipswich Journal I5 Feb 1840 IJ 16th March,23 March, 20 April, I9 Oct I844). Colina is only used in the Nautical Magazine article and the Old Court's indictment.

Additionally, thus suggesting that the references below refer to the same ship, it was stated in the trial that '...when she was delivered to Read and Page she was rather an old vessel. She was of American build, and was in rather tight condition.'

For more information on this topic see: elizabeth_jane_timeline_1830-1854 1840-1844

The following records enquiries about a Collina working between Bideford and Canada which might nave been Read's Colina however though the former was lost in the same year as Read's Colina she was not the same vessel as the following shows:

Royal Gazette Tues., 29 Dec., 1840:

The brig Collina, of Devonshire, from P.E. Island for Bideford, was drove ashore near London, about 16th ult. - the whole of the crew, except two, were drowned.

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Searches for brig Collina - Colina

Prince Edward Island Register Shipping Inward - 1829
09 June, 1828 - "Collina" brig, Capt. Lowther, from London
Submitted by Gary Carroll -

Prince Edward Island Register Shipping Inward - 1829
29 June, 1829 - "Collina" brig, Capt. Martin, from London
Submitted by Gary Carroll -

From: "Michael Palmer" <>
Subject: Re: Ships "COLLINA" & "EUPHEMIA"
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 14:17:15 -800

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Andy Copping <> wrote:

> Looking for help on a passenger list for either the COLLINA or
> EUPHEMIA, from BIDEFORD, England arriving New York May 1832.
> Specifically searching for a Methodist minister, Edward Luke Stephens,
> travelling with his nephew, name unknown.

According to the New York _Evening Post_, the British brig COLLINA,
[Charles L.] Hawes, master, arrived at New York on 1 May 1832, 34 days
from Biddeford, in ballast, to order, with 48 passengers. You will find a
microfilm copy of the passenger manifest for this voyage, dated 2 May
1832, in National Archives Microfilm Publication M237, roll 16, list #247
for 1832. You can borrow a copy of this microfilm through AGLL, any LDS
(Mormon) Family History Center (Family History Library microfilm
#0002261), or Interlibrary Loan.

According to the _Evening Post_, the British brig EUPHEMIA, [Samuel]
Vine, master, arrived at New York on 8 May 1832, from Biddeford 28 March
1832, in ballast, to order, with 39 passengers. You will find a
microfilm copy of the passenger manifest for this voyage, dated 17 May
1832, in National Archives Microfilm Publication M237, roll 16, list #312
for 1832. You can borrow a copy of this microfilm through the sources
listed above.

> Does anyone know if maybe these ships continued on to Wilmington, NC?

Unfortunately, the clearances and sailings listed by the New York _Evening
Post_ are incomplete, and I am unable to determine when, and for what
port, either the COLLINA or the EUPHEMIA cleared. You can find this
information in the semi-weekly newspaper _Shipping and Commercial List
and New York Price Current_, which is available on microfilm through
Interlibrary Loan.

Michael Palmer
Michael Palmer
Claremont, California

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Known Sailings between Bideford & Canada 1818-1855 - compiled by Arthur Dark

The table, which contains details of many other ships, has 11 references to A Collina carrying passengers from Bideford to Prince Edward Island Canada between 1830 and 1840. However the final voyage appears to be after the date on which Read & Page effected insurance on her, so undermining this being the same ship as the Colina.

Arr. Dep. Ship From To Details
30/05/30   Collina Bideford P.E.I. 74 passengers from Devon and Cornwall, 63 from Plymouth. This ship mentioned in The Cradle of the Confederation, Lorne C. Callbeck, p. 136 as arriving in June -also- P.E.I. Register 1st June 1830: 74 passengers, men , women and children arrived in the Collina, Martin, Bideford. A farmers (sic), Labourers and Mechanics chiefly from the counties of Devon and Cornwall -also- same issue of the Register: Entered brig Collina from Bideford.
02/11/30   Collina Bideford P.E.I. Royal Gazette 2nd Nov. 1830: Entered, brig Collina, Capt. Martin from Bideford.
14/12/30   Collina P.E.I. Bideford Royal Gazette 14th Dec. 1830: sailed on Friday, the Collina, Martin for Bideford.
07/06/31   Collina Bideford P.E.I.  
07/06/31   Bollina Bideford P.E.I. 61 passengers, about 30 of whom continued in Bollina to Quebec. See obituary of Henry Elliott J.P. in newspaper clipping (title and date unknown) of circa 1905, also Elliott's Mills Hampton 1840-1936, J.H. Elliott, The Canadian Statesman, Jan. 1937. (A.D.)
09/10/32   Bollina Bideford P.E.I. Royal Gazette 9th Oct. 1832: Entered, Bollina, brig, Capt. Heay, from Bideford in ballast.
27/10/32   Bollina P.E.I. Bideford Collector of Customs Outward: 27th Oct., Bollina. Capt. John Heay, for Bideford with timber.
22/09/35   Collina Bideford Richmond Bay P.E.I. See ad. In North Devon Journal in The Island magazine, #40, English Immigration to P.E.I., Elliott, p. 11.
26/07/37   Collina Bideford P.E.I.  
06/09/40   Collina Bideford P.E.I. This date seems to be after the Collina/Colina was in the ownership of William Read

Really 'Bollina'?

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Immigrants to Canada

The Collina above has a tonnage of 416 which seems too large for Read's Colina/Collina

Below : A reference to Read's brig Collina from Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping. 1st July 1841 - 30th June 1842

Destined voyage Classification
No. Years first assigned Character for Hull & Stores
6 Collina Bg W.Foster 157 PE.Isl 1827 Reed(sic) & Co Ipswich Stk.Maldon- AE1
        BB.&J NN.33 NK137.Srpr S40 S.S.1840-4Yrs 40

Collina Brig
Master W. Foster
157 tons
Built at Prince Edward Island in 1827