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brig Elizabeth Jane
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Brig Elizabeth Jane - launched Nova Scotia 1817 - Lost July 1854 off the coast of Yorkshire - Found Robin Hood's Bay, July 2003

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Key events and people from 1830-1854
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Bob Sanders
Images of brigs, Name-board, beams with treenail holes etc.
Paintings of Wrecks by George Weatherill
A 1949 talk about George Weatherill
A photograph by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe that evokes the Elizabeth Jane's final hours
Photographs of Elizabeth Jane's Registers
Photographs of the family Bible of the Robertson
A collection of images related to brigs
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Where Elizabeth Jane is known to have sailed
After her sinking, EJ's crew were set down here
Information of her place of launch
Where she was sold under 'Bottomry Bond'
Port of Registration 1819 -John Cutler Ramsden
Her last port of registration
Leicester Square home of Francis Hammond, Staymaker

Identifying Francis Hammond's House at Leicester Square

Newbiggin Rocks - Trapped on them Jan - April 1854
Her final resting place
Sierra Leone and Elizabeth Jane
Starting point of her last voyage
Possibly Elizabeth Jane's first voyage Kingston Jamaica - Help please
A further Nova Scotian connection
Her first Canadian Registration Document
Her Kingston upon Hull Registration Document
Her Ipswich Registration Documents
Elizabeth Jane is now in the records of English Heritage
Transcription of Grimsby Registration Document of The Samuel
Records from Lloyd's Lists
An Act for the registering of British Vessels.
28th August 1833.
An explanations of shipbuilding language
Nautical Magazine 1844 - Sinking of Colina (Collina)
On-going Research from 1800-1900 Newspapers On-line
Material relating to brig Collina - Colina
The will of William Read of Ipswich
Shipowner and Shipbuilder
William Read's will and near relatives
Key people associated with the Elizabeth Jane
A start at collecting information about her once owners
Suffolk Article Account
Beginnings of a record of 'others' in her life
An ongoing attempt to record Masters and Owners
See 'Leicester Square' above: Re: Francis Hammond
Ebenezer Robertson, was William Read's Foreman. On William Read's death he took-over Read's ship yard.