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brig Elizabeth Jane
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Brig Elizabeth Jane - launched Nova Scotia 1817 - Lost July 1854 off the coast of Yorkshire - Found Robin Hood's Bay, July 2003

Elizabeth Jane's First Registration at Halifax, Nova Scotia 1817

No 38

In Perfuance of an Act pafsed in the Twenty-Fixth Year of the Reign of King George the Third, intituled, An Act for the further Increafe and Encouragement of Shipping and Navigation:


Certificate of British Registry

Charles Brown of Manchester in the province of Nova Scotia Mariner having taken and fubfcribed the Oath require by this Act, and having fworn that

he together with Thomas Hugh of Manchester aforesaid Mariner, are fole owners of the ship or Vefsel called Elizabeth Jane of Manchester within the district of this port whereof Charles Brown is at present Mafter, and the faid Ship or Veffel was Built at Guysborough in the province aforesaid; this present year, One Thousand, Eight hundred & Seventeen. and Fred rK Rumnell (Rumrell?) Surv Off. havin certified to Us, that the faid Ship or Veffel is British Plantation built has One Decks , and two Mafts; that her Length from the Fore Part of the Main Stem to the After Part of the Stern-Poft aloft, is Sixty feet her breadth at the broadeft Part. whether above or below the Main Wales, Twenty feet, Nine Inches, - her Height between decks depth of Hold, Ten feet, Six Inches, and admeasures One Hundred & Nine 89/95 Tons; that Fhe is a Square Sturned Brig - has no Gallery, and no figure Head; and the said fubfcribing Owner having confented and agreed to the above Defcription and Admeafurement, and having caused fufficient Security to be given, as is required by the faid Act, the said Brig Elizabeth Jane has been duly registered at the Port of Halifax Nova Scotia

Given under our Hands and Seals of Office, at the Cuftom - House in the said Port of Halifax Nova Scotia this Twelfth Day of May in the Year One thousand eight hundred and Seventeen

Thos. N Jeffery

Certificate of British Plantation Registry