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brig Elizabeth Jane
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Brig Elizabeth Jane - launched Nova Scotia 1817 - Lost July 1854 off the coast of Yorkshire - Found Robin Hood's Bay, July 2003

Transcription of Hull Registration


Where, and when registered: Hull 3rd July 1819

Admeasured aground.

Owners, with their Residence and Occupation; distinguishing Subscribers from Non-Subscribers:

John Cutler Ramsden. Merchant of Kingston upon Hull . Sole Owner.

Ship or Vessels's Name: Elizabeth Jane De Novo at London 9 June 1821

Master's Name: John Smith

When and where built, or (if a prize) made free; with Circumstances of Capture, and date of Condemnation.

At Guysborough in the province of Nova Scotia , in the Year 1817, a ??? copy of certificate of the Original Registry granted at Halifax , Nova Scotia , 12 th May 1817 No 08 now xxxxxx with Register General of Shipping, London the vessel has been sold under a Bottomry Bond, at Hambro, and directed to be registered denovo, under Treasury Order 22, June 1819, upon Bond being xxxxxx into. To produce a Bill of Sale from the former owner within twelve months, and to return the Register in case the Judgement of the Court of Hambro should be set aside; which Bond has this day been given.

Name and Employment of the Surveying Officer.

Whether BRITISH, FOREIGN, or BRITISH PLANTATION Built. British Plantation

Number of DECKS. 1

Number of MASTS. 2

Ship's extreme LENGTH aloft. 61' 4"

Ship's extreme BREADTH, at the broadest Part, distinguishing taken above or below the Main Wales. 20' 6 ½ "

HEIGHTH between Decks.

DEPTH of Hold. 10' 3"

TONS Burthen 103 68/94

Kind of Vessel Brigantine

Whether any or no GALLERY.

square sterned


flush deck


Kind of Head. Scroll