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brig Elizabeth Jane
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Brig Elizabeth Jane - launched Nova Scotia 1817 - Lost July 1854 off the coast of Yorkshire - Found Robin Hood's Bay, July 2003
Sloop Samuel

The Samuel  rescued the crew of the  Elizabeth Jane  when she was abandoned in July 1854. The Samuel was built by  Samuel and George Bennett in 1849 and was registered at Grimsby on the 17th July 1850. Her registration document shows that she was a sloop .

Thanks to the work of a descendant of the Bennett brothers, I now know that the Samuel was built at the  Barnby Basin which was at the end of the Barnsley Canal Cawthorne and Kexborough are the closest modern settlements to its remains. The site of the Barnby Basin may also be seen on Google Maps.

The Barnby Basin is now filled in, but there are  photographs of remaining cottages at Barnby see:  . A link from this page provides much  information about canals in the area  at the time of the Samuel . Google Books has much contemporary information about the Barnby Basin and its surrounding area:

The Samuel's Registration Document

Official no. 2660 Two thousand Six Hundred & Sixty, appropriated in Sunderland 30th apr. 1855

9 / 850 Port Grimsby dated 17 June 1850 Name Samuel Burthen Thirty nine 1126/3500 William Hunter Master When and where built or condemned as prize referring to Builder's Certificate, Judge's Certificate or last Registry... Was built at Silkstone in the County of York in the Year One Thousand eight hundred and Forty nine as appears by a Builder's Certificate under the hands of Samuel and George Bennetts Shipbuilders of that place Dated the Second day of March 1850.
Name and Employment of Surveying Officer Mr F Humphries Surveyor at Louth
One Decks , One Masts , length Fifty five, nine tenths feet feet Breadth , taken in Midships  the main Wales , Thirteen, two tenths feet,  Height between Decks in the Hold , at Midships is Five, Seven tenths feet Sloup Rigged with a topping? Bowsprit , Round sterned , Clench and Carvel built , No Galleries , No figure Head .
Ad measured Afloat
Subscribing Owners Shares
Samuel Hunter of Louth in the County of Lincoln     Sixty four 64ths
Other Owners                                                                                                    H William/Wilton? Coles?   xxxxxxxx (indicipherable)  

Transaction book folio 80
Transferred to Boston (5, 6, 8?) Nov 1862

Custom House Grimsby June 3rd 1850
Henry Waring of the City of Exeter Gentleman, William Waring of the Same place Gentleman and John Waring of Dawlish in the County of Devon Gentleman have transferred by Bill of Sale Dated the Twelfth day of December One Thousand Eight hundred and Forty nine the entire sixty four, sixty fourth shares to Robert Keetley of the Borough of Great Grimsby in the County of Lincoln Shipbuilder  and Nathan Chapman of the same place Licensed Victualler in equal proportions.
H xxxxx Cole H William/Wilton? Coles? xxxxxxxx (indicipherable)
Custom House Grimsby 27th September 1864
Robert Keetley of Great Grimsby in the County of Lincoln, Shipbuilder, has by indenture bearing date the 23 day September 1854 transferred thirty two Sixty fourth parts as shares of and in the within named vessel "????"