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brig Elizabeth Jane
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Brig Elizabeth Jane - launched Nova Scotia 1817 - Lost July 1854 off the coast of Yorkshire - Found Robin Hood's Bay, July 2003


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Sunderland in the 19th Century

Exhibition: Sunderland in the 19th Century

Sunderland: M'Culloch's Universal Gazetteer 1844 ;

An Historical, Topographical, and Descriptive View of the County Palatine of Durham
Sunderland including Bishop and Monkwearmouth;
including Sunderland seen from the North Pier


New and Extensive Sailing Directions for the Navigation of the North Sea. p65 W J Norie. 1823

Entrance to Sunderland Harbour (1864) - James Wilson Carmichael

SINE (Structural Images of the North East) A fine source of images of the North East in Elizabeth Jane's time.

Entrance to Sunderland Harbour (1864) - James Wilson Carmichael

Landscape etching of the drops at Sunderland, with the first Wearmouth bridge and the bottle works' cone faintly visible in the background. View from the west. (Image from 1844)

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The History of the Town and Port of Sunderland, and the parishes of Bishopwearmouth & Monkwearmouth.