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brig Elizabeth Jane
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Brig Elizabeth Jane - launched Nova Scotia 1817 - Lost July 1854 off the coast of Yorkshire - Found Robin Hood's Bay, July 2003

Document found by Google search - First Voyage of Elizabeth Jane? - unknown provenance

From: "A. Bennett" <>
Subject: [NFLD-ROOTS-L] 1817 News
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 23:36:21 -0400

The reward of 20 pds. is being offered for the apprehension of John Mulcahy,
fisherman of Bay Bulls. He was active in the riotous assembling of people at
Bay Bulls with the intent to plunder the Brig "Guysborough".
(11 Mar.)

The reward of 20 Guineas is being offered for the apprehension of the
following, all natives of Ireland.
John Daily, about 25, 5ft. 8ins., dark hair, pitted with smallpox, slender,
speaks bad English.
Simon Heany, age 25, 5ft. 7ins., dark hair, stout, speaks through his nose.
William Lahey, age 25, 5ft. 7ins., black hair, round face, dark complexion,
marked with small pox.

Ready for sea Thursday next, the Brig "Elizabeth Jane", to Kingston,
Jamaica. Accommodations for a few cabin and steerage passengers are
available. Apply to the Master on board, at the wharf of Miller, Fergus &
Co. (8 July)(If this ship is the Elizabeth Jane, and if this year is 1817,
this voyage might have been one of her first, as she was first registered
on 12th May 1817).

The undermentioned passengers who came from Waterford, Ireland, in the Brig
"Good Intent" in the Spring of 1816, are hereby informed, unless their notes
are paid on or before the 20th, they will be sent home to recover their
respective sureties:
Bridget Asper, Michael Birmingham, Thomas Boland, Mary Brophy, William
Burke, William Christopher, John Clancey, Andrew Coun, Edward Doyle, Thomas
Dunn, Edward Fanning, Ellen Finnagan, Richard Flood, John Greechy, Nicholas
Hall, Bridget Hall, James Harrington, John Hayes, William Hearn, Francis
Higgins, John Keefe, John Kelly, John Kennedy, David Kyley, Patrick Kyley,
Daniel Lynagh, John Maher, Thomas Martin, Roger McGrath, Mary Phealan, John
Power, Michael Power, Joseph Redmond, Patrick Ryan, Thomas Scott, Betsy
Shallow, Patrick Tobin, John Turney, Edmond Walsh, Catherine Wells, Thomas
Whelan, and John Wright.
(14 Oct.)

John Cummerford, indicted for larceny.
Edmund Graham, indicted for embezzlement.
John Pounder, indicted for perjury.
Francis Smith, indicted for stealing a boat, riotous behaviour, and forgery.
(21 Oct.)

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