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brig Elizabeth Jane
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Brig Elizabeth Jane - launched Nova Scotia 1817 - Lost July 1854 off the coast of Yorkshire - Found Robin Hood's Bay, July 2003
Image of the Month 2010
November   Robin Hood's Bay - looking towards Ravenscar at high tide
Model Brig - Possibly Victorian - Approximately 24" wide by 24" high
August   North Cheek at Dawn. Robin Hood's Bay - August 2009

July   A cutting from the Whitby Gazette advertising Moses Bell's Cottage at Robin Hood's Bay - September 4th 1856

June   Elizabeth Jane's Nameboard - see very large version


Elizabeth Jane's Port of Registration Board a 'Synth' made using Microsoft's Photosynth - Zoom-in to see detail.
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Cast Iron Bridge over the River Wear
April 2010
A West View of the Cast Iron Bridge over the River Wear (at Sunderland) built by R Burdon Esq. Span 236 Feet Height 100 Feet Begun 24 Sep. 1793 Opend. 9 Aug. 1796. On a bowl with lustre and transfer decoration.
March 2010 - Ravenscar under Snow - 21st February 2010 - The Elizabeth Jane drifted ashore here in July 1854
2010 - Waltham Street Chapel by J. Greenwood, Hull. © Yorkshire CD books
The remains of John Cutler Ramsden, once owner of Elizabeth Jane, 'was returned to Hull by the steamship Victoria and were immediately conveyed to Waltham Street Chapel and there interred in a private manner.'
This Image was kindly provided by Colin Hinson of Yorkshire CD books
2010 - Newbiggin Rocks - © Stephen Gavin
Elizabeth Jane was trapped on these rocks from January to Aprl 1854.
2009 - Elizabeth Jane's Port of Registration Board on YouTube
November   - Ebenezer Robertson's Book
  - Stockton on Tees in 1825 - from the The Railway Centenary 1825-1925
  - Brigs on the Orwell 1841
  - Elizabeth Jane's Ipswich Port of Registration Board - © Stephen Gavin
  - Bridlington Quay 1830
  - Francis Hammond's House at Leicester Square
  - Wrecked brig near Whitby - a Watercolour by George Weatherill © Pannett Art Gallery
  - 'Flag of Distress' - A photograph by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe - © The Sutcliffe Gallery , Whitby